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About Us

About BHIS

Bethlahem Hillside International School which is owned and managed by Nesamony Memorial Trust, Karungal. The aim of the managing trust is to provide quality education to the weaker sections of the society. The admission is open to all. The vision of the management is to bring this institution to the international standards of learning. The motto of the institution is "Integrity Solidarity Charity". The trust has high ideals and values. The school is in continuous pursuit of excellence in promoting social, cultural and moral values for social harmony and national development. The Bethlahem Hillside International School Provides a Balanced Education defined by a joyful pursuit of Excellence in academics, athletics, arts and service. We Enable each student to be an Inspired lifelong leaner and responsible, compassionate global citizen.


Bethlahem HillSide International School

Born on 2017, Nadutheri, Karungal

Our Campus

BHIS Is Located In The midst of Clean, Green HillSide and serves Pre-kindergarten through Grade 6 Students from all over India We provide an exceptional CBSE/ICSE education with an international perspective.


Our Vision is to provide all round Development to a Child, Our success is built upon the best principles of the International education systems and adapted to the needs of our local and global student body. Our acclaimed programmes inspire students to pursue multiple academic disciplines, and become successful learners, both in and out of the classroom.


Our Mission includes the “joyful pursuit of excellence” and the desire to develop “responsible and compassionate global citizens.” We take our Mission seriously and search for ways to assist each student reach their potential as lifelong learners and active citizens.