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Bethlahem Hillside International School invites teachers who are passionate and dedicative to join our innovative teaching Team!

Our curriculum offers learning beyond traditional methods & integrates a progressive approach involving innovation, communication, problem solving and teamwork. We are committed to providing an exciting, individualized environment, which stimulates intellectual curiosity; enhances creativity; builds self-esteem and confidence; fosters an appreciation for cultural diversity; and inspires a sense of social responsibility.


Principal with 7 to 10 years of Experience in leading CBSE / ICSE School

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Team building, leading and guiding
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills are very essential
  • They must also be engaging leaders and motivators who can make decisions and manage their time well.
  • Strong leadership with sound Academic knowledge with result oriented

Coordinator with 3 to 5 Years of Experience

Teachers for all the Subject

  • Working with children on creative experiences using a wide variety of media / materials / art forms to fire their imagination and develop their cognitive skills
  • Facilitating children to express themselves in as many ways as possible
  • Working with teachers to interpret children's ideas
  • Creating a visually pleasing environment in the school to encourage the learning of children
  • Conceptualising and implementing projects for the creative development of children
  • Producing documentation, posters, videos, photographs etc. depicting the learning experience of children
  • Preference will be given to the Montessori trained teachers and CBSE /ICSE experienced.

We Offer

A competitive salary & benefits package, and work environment with career growth opportunities. There are residential facilities available for all the outstation candidates.


For positions at BETHLEHEM HILLSIDE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL email to careers@bethlahemhillside.org

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