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Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular Activities

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Horse Riding

We encourage our students in extra-curricular activities and horse riding is one among them. It improves positive feeling, companionship and socialization. Since it is merry making and fun filled activity, students show special interest in it. It is also a good exercise. Good for mental health and improves breathing. It is an internationally recognized sport and we have experienced trainers in our campus. We provide all necessary accessories essential for horse riding.


We promote yoga as it is a traditional practice for good health and teaches it on a regular basis. It helps to improve physical and mental conditions and emotional equilibrium. This reduces stress and anxiety and also increases will power and humility. It ensures for a healthy future for our children and improves flexibility, balance and posture. Yoga is an effective way to help students develop their self-regulation, mind-body awareness and physical fitness.


It is a problem solving indoor game that sharpens the thinking ability. It increases IO level and makes pupils more alert and enhances cognitive and strategic thinking. It improves memory and elevates creativity. It boosts planning skills, increases self-awareness and develops problem solving skills. Hence, the school is providing training to interested students.


Martial arts are self-defense in nature and Karate is one among them. It increases self- confidence, flexibility, and promote self-discipline, healthy body and mind. Our school has recruited well trained professionals to teach this martial art. All students are encouraged to practice this art since it is a fun character building activity for children. It is a great form of exercise as it has a number of health benefits. .


As a part of extracurricular activity, we conduct piano practice in our campus by trained pianists to improve our students’ music skill. Learning piano improves the coordination, boost self- esteem, reduce stress and anxiety and allows kinesthetic and tactile learning. This also increase the ability of keeping practice with time management. The rhythm and coordination of music brings joy and appreciation for the learners.

Summer Camp

One of the best activities of children enjoy during vacation is the summer camp. It offers a well-structured opportunity for the children to grow. Summer camp is a unique venue for growth, allow students to become independent and self-confident. Every year our school is conducting summer camp for the students to mold themselves with various self-learning activities.